We are friends, mothers of three, wives to two rugged men and business owners. We both love good coffee and good cake. Blogging for us is a distraction from the chaos but also a way to document our what is going on in our lives. We are not saying we are experts in particular field but merely want share our insights and experiences with you.

About Joanne:


I am a wife to a farmer and am privaledged to live on the farm. We run our business which supplies vegetables locally, nationally and internationally. Our lifestyle sounds a lot more glamourous than it is, but it is a blessing for my kids to grow up on a farm. We have three kids. Number 1 is 7, Number 2 is 5 soon and Number 3 is 6 months. My happy place is Cape Town and baking. However, I also love be fit and healthy. Through this blog I am hoping to express my creativity but also inspire others around me. Being a bit of an introvert, I find myself frustrated with wanting to share things but not knowing how. Hopefully, this will be the medium that helps me do that.


About Tamarin:

I am a mom of three, living in a busy, loving and sometimes (most times) chaotic home. Our boys are 7 and 13 and both have quiet, gentle personalities. Last May we were blessed with a little girl, her personality is like a little firecracker, fierce and beautiful. She has added sparks and laughter to our home. My husband and I love traveling and food, we have had to shelve trips abroad until our "little" is a bit bigger (and calmer) but still enjoy exploring locally and standing around in the kitchen cooking and experimenting with new dishes, curry and Thai being our favourite.


With the support of my "rock" I managed to turn a hobby into two jewellery businesses, focussing on pretty packaging and the finer details it has become an outlet for my creativity. To add to the mix also run an industrial/agricultural pipe repair company which forces the Mr and I to spend more (sometimes challenging) time together. 

With a life that sometimes feels like it is moving too quickly, writing allows me to record all the challenges and adventures we have along the way and cherish them to look back on later.