16 October 2017


So today was weigh in day. And I was not looking forward to it because I indulged in some chuckles yesterday....I am addicted. Anyways, it was 100g down so down at least. But to be honest I was hoping to lose about 500g a week. So I was a little disappointed but then I know I didn't make it to the gym much last week. 5.6kg's to goal. I know my body functions well with eating properly and training properly. So, this week has to be a big one. So far today I have done well though. Having a protein and fruit smoothie for breakfast, almonds as a snack, chicken salad and health bread for lunch and bolognaise sauce and loads of veggies. 

I have been pondering a lot on why my weight is so important to me. I know when I feel confident in my skin and it's when I weigh a certain number and feel and look a certain way. I like feeling fit and strong. I feel empowered. And I like looking the part too. Is that so bad?  

Joanne van NiekerkComment