24 October 2017

Sorry for the whole week without a post! This time of the year is always so busy with the kids and I have been busy with concert costumes and running around. 


So I weighed in today and I am 400g down - Yay! I am happy it's a bit more than the week before and it's half a 1kg down now. We had a family function and it was hard to stay 100% on track. But I didn't go overboard and hit it again hard straight away. O think thats key - don't make your cheat meals into a cheat day but get back at it straight away. It's no use throwing a while day away when it can easily be brought under control. So this week I want to hit it hard and get under 60 - back into the 50's. Psychologically that will do wonders! 

Joanne van NiekerkComment