Sticky brown rice & quinoa breakfast bowl


Mornings in our home are a rush, with trying to get everyone dressed, fed and out of the house in time for school. Breakfast therefore tends to get a bit boring and repetitive. Inspired by sticky rice, one of our favourite holiday dishes I decided to get up a bit earlier and try something new. The end result was a healthier, higher protein but still delicious breakfast bowl.

Sticky Rice Ingredients

  • 1/2 Cup brown basmati rice
  • 3/4 Cup quinoa  
  • Pinch of salt (optional) 
  • 1 1/2 Cup water
  • 1 Tin coconut cream
  • 2 - 4 Table spoons honey (or other alternative)

Topping Ingredients

  • 1/2 Cup blueberries or other seasonal fruit
  • Seed mix or mixed nuts
  • Natural peanut butter
  • Bought or homemade granola of your choice - I used Woolworths “Carb clever cocoa nib granola”


  • Rinse the rice and quinoa separently, this helps get rid of any surface starches and prevents clumping during the cooking process. Bring the rice and water to boil in a medium sized saucepan, I do add a pinch of salt but should you be on a low salt diet this is optional. Cook the rice as you normally would until the water has almost cooked away and the rice is almost at the aldente stage.
  • Open your tin of coconut cream, sometimes the cream separates and from the water and hardens on top of the can, break through this layer and mix the two layers together, if it is too hard to do so add the excess coconut water to the quinoa and rice while cooking. At this stage I keep a close eye on the pan to prevent sticking and drying out, continue adding the coconut cream little by little maintaining a wet porridge like consistency.
  • You can now add your honey, I admittedly have a bit of a sweet tooth so I do sneak in a little more. You can also use alternative sweetening agents such as dates, mashed banana, stevia or brown sugar, I just honey 💛🐝 Continue until the quinoa has softened, I take mine off of the heat before the quinoa is too soft as I like the nuttiness of the slightly firmer granuals.
  • Dish the quinoa into bowls, the above portion should be enough for 3-4 servings depending on the size of your bowl. (and appetite) Your toppings are completely up to you, blueberries and banana are always an amazing flavour combination but this can be changed up according to what is in your fridge and what is in season. For some added decadence and some healthy fats  serve with a dollop of coconut cream and nut butter. This sounds like a completely strange combo but they work extremely well together. Lastly a sprinkle of Woolworths carb smart granola and seed mix. I discovered this granola not too long ago and it has become a regular addition to my shopping cart, not only does it make a delicious breakfast but also a nice snack alternative when craving something chocolatey. 

Why Quinoa? 

Although quinoa is often used in recipes in place of a grain it is actually a complete protein, in fact it is one of the most protein rich foods which we can eat, containing all nine amino acids. It is a great gluten free alternative for those on special diets (such as celiac) or simply wanting to slim down. 


As it has a high manganese content it has also been linked to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and is one of the foods which can aid in decreasing your risk of diabetes. These high manganese levels also support healthy bone health.

I have successfully managed to use quinoa as a great protein alternative for my little ones. It works well in breakfast bowls, as a combination with oats and also as part of fritters and warm salads. 

It contains antioxidants and is high in fibre, vitamins B & E, magnesium, calcium and potassium. These antioxidants and one special flavonoid have been linked to fighting heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis. High fibre levels also = healthy gut & digestive system! It is really not hard to understand why quinoa has been classified as a super grain! 

I really hope that you enjoy this recipe, remember the toppings are only a guideline, half of the fun is experimenting with what you have in your fridge and cupboard to create a pretty, delicious and nutritious breakfast.




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