Pit stops & pad stalletjies - George to Cape Town

Traveling with three kids is no joke. It takes guts and a whole heap of patience, there is no getting around back seat fights and a grumpy husband, it just is what it is:) Thank heavens we live in a country where "Pad Stalletjies" have not only stuck around, but there are more of them than ever and some are actually really so good that they make it impossible not to stop!

There are numerous "sanity" stops between George and Cape Town but there are two that our kids absolutely love. 

Oude Post Bistro -Buffeljagsrivier


There are just too many things that we love about this pit stop. Firstly they are completely famous for their roosterkoek, so much so that even our fussiest of fussy eaters eats them. They have broken their own record and sold over 1200 roosterkoeke in a day, when you taste how good they are its not hard to believe! The coffee at Oude Post Bistro and their sister store Milk and Sugar is so good too, by that point a caffeine fix is completely appreciated!


There is a shop for moms, "Hartsgoed Decor & Geskenke" which my husband cringes when I walk towards it because he knows I don't come out empty handed. He on the other hand enjoys disappearing into the little nursery which is highly recommended for any Bonsai enthusiast!

The best part about this stop is however the attention to detail that they have put into absolutely everything, I mean EVERYTHING. They have made a TREMENDOUS effort to make this a kiddy (and doggy) friendly stop. Their playground and jungle gym equipment is in brilliant condition, they even have a toddler safe jungle gym which was such a blessing this time round as our little is extremely adventurous at the moment. They have numerous plastic bikes to ensure that there is enough to go around and no fighting, and a shed equipped with a fun wall full of latches, wheels and other gadgets to keep little fingers and minds occupied.


They have also added some super sweet places for "paparazzi moms" (like myself) to get their kiddies to stand and pose for photos. This time round my kids were completely drawn to the baby goats which kept them entertained for ages! 

Peregrine Farm Stall - Grabouw

Not only is the coffee amazing but they have a wide selection of healthy cold-pressed juice on their menu too. 

Not only is the coffee amazing but they have a wide selection of healthy cold-pressed juice on their menu too. 

Ok so by this point we are ALL wishing we were in Cape Town already! This is that last "I am going to pull my hair out soon" stop. It is also so worth it! So if you are tempted to just push through and not stop, don't! You just have to stop here! 


Also completely kitted out to make kids super happy with alternative modern jungle gym and playground equipment. A BIG basket style swing which was a winner with the boys and a cleverly placed big red vintage truck bookshop, (Burning Books) such a spectacular site with the farm orchards in the background. This truck is absolutely packed with an awesome book selection for young and old.


So this stop has some treats for mom and dad too, a clever place to stop if you are heading to self catering accommodation or back home to an empty kitchen. Eversons Cider, old-school crafted ciders, completely delicious and refreshing, available in a few flavours including pomegranate and a "cloudy cider" which has a delicious peary taste. (These are awesome additions to sneak into the boot for later on) The Peregrine Farm Stall is also stocked up with fresh fruits, veg, cheese and our favourite, a variety of freshly baked artisan breads.


We also love the layout and the use of containers and timber to create a modern farm style effect. This mommy also gives the coffee a five star rating! This mommy will also be needing the gym when we get back home next week!