Creating a pretty, not so messy life.

I would not usually admit this but I am highly unorganized. My Pinterest account is filled beautiful organization boards and pins for home and office, however I still seem to be loosing the battle and my husband and I's biggest arguments are still about misplaced keys. I could blame it on being a working mom and being too thinly spread, or on our 15 month old daughter who seems to be constantly unpacking things and leaving a path of mass destruction behind her. Honestly speaking though, I know it is just simply because I am just not sure where to start...

Over the next few weeks I will be tackling our home, my accessories, office space and of course the boys rooms and creating a lounge for them to be just "boys" in.  Presently our family room has become a messy combination of toddler toys, boys trying to claim their space on the couch and a grumpy husband trying to find a peaceful place to drink his tea. Another major challenge will be creating a corner for Tora. Our little, completely loved, beautiful surprise...our three bedroom home however does not have space for her to have her own bedroom and she has been sharing with us. As a little baby this was never a problem but as she is growing (her personality too) and accumulating more things, having her own little space is becoming a necessity.  

By prioritizing these projects and blogging about my organizational challenges it will force me to find solutions that not only look pretty but actually work and fit into our budget too. I am also hoping that maybe just maybe I can create a smidgeon of peace in the chaos that we call home...   

x Tamarin

Our little hurricane:)

Our little hurricane:)