Letting go & embracing balance


Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and to me it just feels like this year has wizzed past, we have hardly had a winter and enjoyed so much sunshine. (I have hardly worn my much loved winter coats) The days have passed so quickly that I have almost not had time to soak in the year and just enjoy the little things. My intentions have been to find more me time, and write more but between work and kiddies balance is not really something which has come naturally.

It has also been a year of change and letting go, for myself and some of our closest friends. I was listening to the girls in the office moaning about attending baby showers and kitchen teas and feeling a knob in my throat, as for us its been a year where some of our closest friends have dealt with divorce, tough life changes and big moves. It has also been a year where I have not felt completely present and mostly overwhelmed. Juggling three kids (one of which is like a walking hurricane) and three businesses has kind of started taking its toll on this mom. Anxiety and guilt have slowly crept in and I have started slipping on little things which may not be a big deal but to me they really are. I REALLY miss my kids when in the office and REALLY stress about not getting to work at home. With my oldest being 14, the reality of just how quickly the years pass has become a constant niggle to me. Other than mom guilt I have also felt extremely guilty for pushing more passion into @toragrace than its sister brand Wanderlust Lockets. 

It is no secret that I am a bit of a quote addict and I think the below quote just about sums up why I made the decision that I did. 


Wanderlust has been the pretty side of my work life for the last 5 years. It started as a little “sell from home” hobby and transformed into a busy, beautiful business extremely close to my heart. Over the years I have worked with and met such amazing women, mom bosses, bloggers and made friends. I have learnt (A LOT) through mistakes and regretted decisions but dealt with the consequences. I have discovered my love for the finer details, pretty packaging, marketing and business. I have learnt that people are people and not everyone is kind, they can be demanding and forget that there are faces and families and hearts behind small businesses and brands. These people have taught me to be stronger too. 

It has been such a special chapter of my life and making the decision to sell took months, letting go of this “pretty” was not easy at all. This week we packed up my favorite part of the business, block mounts of the pretty boxes which we have launched over the past 5 years. I think this is when the penny dropped and some tears made an appearance. BUT at the same time I feel at peace knowing that Wanderlust is going to someone who has so, so much heart and passion, enthusiasm and amazing new ideas. Someone that I know will carry on building on the pretty and giving it all the love and attention it deserves. 

I on the other hand get to focus my attention on building Tora Grace into a brand my daughter and boys can be proud of, I get to learn some more and follow through on ideas I have shelved due to being too thinly spread. I feel like I have found myself in this brand and I cannot wait to explore that. I also get to pay more attention to our family business, and spend an hour or two extra with the three little people that I love most in the world. I get to work on those time management skills and steal some “me time” to deal with those niggles and build on my personal goals. To be more present and spend less time worrying about the things that I cannot change, enjoy moments with the people around me and to find and embrace the balance which I am longing for;)


xxx Tamarin