Food Love Pouches Review

So number 3 has just started weaning. I am following a combination approach. I give him puree's but I also give him finger foods. I did this with number 2 and I must admit it makes the transition much easier and they are not so sensitive to a more lumpy texture. What I also relied on was those food pouches that you buy. You can pop one in your bag and they suck the food out so no need for a spoon. But they can get pricey and sometimes the combinations are not entirely what I would put together. But, while shopping on Takealot ( (have I mentioned how much I love Takealot), I found these reusable pouches. So I bought some to try. 

I was quite surprised at how easy they are to use and clean.  The cleaning part was freaking me out because I was worried I wouldn't get into all the corners. Well these don't have corners. They are all rounded edges. So you just empty, rinse and wash with with soap and a bottle brush. The zip zeal at the bottom is super strong which is crucial when you are squeezing it. These pouches can be used many many times. I have made my own combos which number 3 has so far loved.  

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Joanne van NiekerkComment