Tantrums, razors and mom guilt.


Can you believe it’s May already? I had good intentions of starting this year with implementing many shelved creative ideas and a lot of writing but then life happened...

Our oldest started high school, the adjustment and workload has been HUGE. 13 years ago he was my little and this week I found myself staring blankly at razors in Dischem feeling completely overwhelmed by the realization that he was now starting to shave. 😳 FYI home wax strips are not advisable 🙈 (Yes we tried going that route first) Don’t. Just don’t.  After two successful attempts and one complete fail involving skin removal we came to the conclusion that it was time to buy a razor. Making new friends in a much bigger school has been challenging and the fact that mom can no longer fix these social niggles by arranging “play dates” and has to watch from the sideline makes it hard on the heart. 

And then there is our little, our wild. Somewhere between newborn and today we skipped a few steps.... she is turning two at the end of May and already she is trying to climb the highest jungle gyms, attempting a pogo stick and interisted in everything other than fairies and unicorns.... I feel like she skipped being a baby completely. 

Somewhere between the high school muddle and kitchen floor tantrums we have our middle, my calm. Serious but fearless, with a dry sense of humor. Our old soul. These three are the reason I wake up and set goals, they are also the reason that I lie awake and worry that instead of spending hours focusing on building a business, I should instead be home. Mom guilt has been a major factor for me this year. It’s one of those phrases that you often stumble upon but don’t fully understand until one day it hits. With the boys I was a stay at home mom and this time round I have been a busy mom. I worry constantly that I am loosing precious time with my little, or that I did not set enough time aside in the day for my big. The first few months of this year have been about finding balance (I am not sure that we are there yet, but we are trying) weathering the adjustments of high school and juggling 3 businesses and 3 kids... It hasn’t been easy by any means (raising 3 kids with big age gaps is not for sissies) but for now we take it one day at a time and treasure things like weekends, kitchen floor tantrums and messy meals...



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