"In two the wild" Birthday number 2!

Finding a theme to match our daughters second birthday was not hard. She is our "wild" the little lioness in our home. A two year old is still such a little "person" but to a mommy the word "two" seems awfully big! Last year when she turned one I can remember being extremely teary and emotional about just how quickly the year had passed. This year I felt like breathing a little sigh of relief that we had actually somehow survived it:) It was also a fun birthday, she knew it was her special day and sang along (numerous times) when we sang "Happy Birthday"

The invites  -

One of my absolute favourite websites is Creative Market, I found the sweetest elements to create her invites with and used them as inspiration when decorating her cake (which was delicious by the way) The pack I chose came with design elements including little tribal animals, feathers and teepees. You can view and purchase the pack by following the link below: https://creativemarket.com/kennasatodesigns/709542-Huge-Tribal-Animal-Clipart-Bundle  

I also found the sweetest gift sticker packs at Mr Price Home. Along with some twine (a staple in the office and at home) added the perfect finishing touch to the invites which were printed on a textured paper.

The cake -

As tiny as she is every time we asked her what cake she wanted it was "lion cake" so for school we did an actual lion cake/cupcake combination and for her home party I tried to combine a woodland theme with the little tribal lion on her invites. My painting skills are not the best at all but when she saw it she immediately screamed "LIOOOON" #goalachieved! The little black and white teepee was a replica of her own teepee gifted by granny and grandpa.

The snacks -

This year I decided to replace the bowls of sweets with a treat platter, the kids (and dads) loved the colourful variety. (The moms went straight for the carrot and cheese cake) Trying to stick to the woodland theme I added berries and other seasonal fruits, the granadilla were fresh from the garden:) The sugar cones were an alternative option to plates and could be filled with fruit and sweets. 

Decor and party favors -

Instead of party bags we did these colourful ribbon "Jungle Shakers" I found the curtain rings at Builders Warehouse and the ribbon and bells at PNA. The kiddies loved them and they looked and sounded just too pretty jumping around with them on the jumping castle. A fake grass runner with raspberries sprinkled on it added the finishing touch to our woodland/wild theme. We are lucky to have a fake grass distributor around the corner from our office, they have a basket of off-cuts and I have used this one on numerous occasions, including Christmas.

Because toys don't last forever and I have access to such pretty  jewellery and engraving facilities I decided to make my "little" a Samsara Bracelet keepsake gift, inspired by her wild nature and the below:

"How to be a Moon Child"

- Never stop exploring

- Follow the moon

- Stay wild

- Walk barefoot, listen to the wind

- Always be yourself

- Say yes to new adventures

- Be brave. Be kind. Be curious.