"Tatty Ratty" by Helen Cooper


This week it’s been tonsillitis, antibiotics and a week at home for our T. Her little immune system seems to be struggling to adjust to school life and clearly still needs some toughening up. On the bright side it’s given us some special quiet time, which does not always come naturally in our home.  Our boys have always loved reading and been gentle and respectful with their book collection, Gracey on the other hand tends to be a little more rough and precious books need to be kept safe and out of reach. 


One of these precious books is my absolute favourite, “Tatty Ratty” by Helen Cooper. It was a book which I bought for my oldest and between the two boys and our little it has been read so many times that I could posibly recite it. I get a knob in my throat thinking that the little boy that I originally bought it for has long outgrown it and is now turning 14, luckily it is still T's first choice and our oldest might not admit it but I know that he likes listening in while I read it to his little sister.


A little bit about Tatty Ratty and Molly... 

The story is based around a little girl called Molly and her much loved toy rabbit “Tatty Ratty” Molly misplaces her rabbit and their household is sent into a flat spin looking for him, a scenario which myself and many other moms and dads can relate to. (The parents facial expressions and frustrations in the book have me smiling every time.) Tatty Ratty going MIA is also the start of an exciting adventure which Molly curates while looking for her much loved toy.


What makes this book so special... 

This is a complete must for both boys and girls, Helen Cooper has cleverly worked in fairy tale favourites such as Cinderella and the Three Bears, not in the way that you would expect but with little twists of humor therefore not making the book too girly for little boys. She has included pirates, rocket ships, dragons and even the man on the moon!  She has also worked in kids most loathed chores such as the dreaded hair wash night, which Molly links to Tatty Ratty escaping Cinderella and the start of his adventure on a pirate ship. Cooper has also heroed the dad! Molly shrieks with delight as her dad lifts her up like and aeroplane to mimic her rabbit flying through the air on a dragon. 

The illustrations are just so beautiful, colourful and eye catching...our favourite page is where Tatty Ratty visits the man in the moon and he rolls Tatty Ratty up in sugary moon dust, which just the idea of have my kiddies smiling.


Helen Cooper keeps you captivated and this mommy has not once thought "not again" when the book gets requested for the nights read. In fact I just loved it so much that when I stumbled across one of her other books "A pipkin of pepper" I bought it immediately. Both must reads and highly recommended for your kids bookshelves:)

Happy reading!

x Tamarin

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